Pupil of Society

Pupil of Society


Who is Pupil of Society? We should start with who is Flower? I have been producing music and emceeing for 15+ years. I’m currently located in the Seattle Washington. I have been married to the love of my life and partner in crime for 10 years, and we have 2 children(4 and 1 and 1/2). If I did not make music I would have been a pro skater or teacher.

I’m and originally from San Marcos California(Ghost Town), the North County of San Diego. Raised by grandmother who would commonly be caught singing at the top of her lungs in the car or dancing in the kitchen to Michael Jackson my passion for music was born.

As a young child I always had the fisher price record player wherever I went. As I grew older this changed and the Walkman was forever on my hip. Getting caught stealing 2 pac tapes from my aunty. I would memorized the beats and flows. The cadence of music kept me still. This is where it was all born. I’ve shared the stage with many amazing underground hip hop artists. Including Isor, Moses Kohn, 2mex, Typical Cats, Acid Reign, Pharaoh Monach, The Chichirones(Josh Martinez and Sleep), Qwel, Adeem, and many more with the most notable in my option being Sole. Focusing more on instrumental hip hop and producing I have released a beat tape for Anno Domini Nation with 5 other producers titled End Of Days. Selling beats either hand to mouth or on the internet and making connections in the independent scene.

My newest solo release Free The Records has been featured on Hip Hop Bootleggers, and is an instrumental EP created from a box of Free Records given to me by my local community. This is a dive into Lofi hip hop but with traditional structure. Grimmy and gritty this instrumental Trip Hop ride will leave you thinking or crying.

I’ve produced, featured, mixed, and mastered for many acts over the years. But I’m currently focused on producing for my self and a select few in this chapter. With many exciting things on the horizon and new content regularly be sure to subscribe to my mailing-list to stay up to date!