Hanging Death

Hanging Death


HANGING DEATH is the manifested lifelong work of Frank Heafield (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) Johnny Rose (Lead Guitarist) Eddie Reardon (Bass) and Jonathan Guevara (Drummer) a group of power driven rockers who share both a deep yearning to have experienced the golden days of metal, and enough passion to bring that energy back to the scene!

Back in December of 2016, Hanging Death and a few friends from the Chicago scene were jamming to some classic metal albums of the 70's and 80's. Over the course of the evening, conversation inevitably transformed from discussion and appreciation of the old music into a lengthy criticism of the stagnating current state of the genre's music. However, instead of the normally-depressing effect that comes with realizing this, Hanging Death truly recognized the growing redundancy of the metal scene for what it truly was: a career offer. There is a singular moment in every great rock god's life; a moment in which the dream they have been holding onto forever suddenly becomes not only their greatest desire, but now their challenge, their calling, and their ultimate destiny.... It is this moment that permanently transforms dedicated artists into pioneering legends. It was in this moment that Hanging Death was born - as a personification of the purest aspects of heavy metal, channeled through the 21st century's prime selection of new rock gods.

Working out of the north side of Chicago, Frank & Johnny spent many months writing songs and building a large fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, and Reverbnation; all while diligently searching for musicians who shared his vision and were willing to work hard enough to make it a reality. The majority of 2016 & 2017 was spent playing shows and perfecting the concept of Hanging Death with few line up changes in between. The band quickly grew a diverse following of music lovers nationwide and globally across 28 different countries - despite the behind-the-scenes challenges of constant cycling through many less-than-dedicated band members, and of course the everyday drama of the metal scene.

It wasn't until November of 2016 that Hanging Death truly became a working full-time project, when Frank discovered the multi-media talents of Johnny. After successfully convincing him to join the quest, Frank challenged Johnny's cabilities and dedication by requiring him to learn all of the songs within the first week. By that Friday, Hanging Death had not only played their first show of Hanging Death, but also changed the sound and force of Hanging Death into what it is today. Production on the first LP quickly commenced as the momentum picked up, as legends.

Finally, on December 12th 2017, over a year since its conception, Hanging Death released their Heavy Hitting Debut "Give Em Hell" on Distrokid, Youtube, Itunes, Spotify, and ReverbNation and they currently Have Relocated to San Francisco CA where they reside.

We've worked for months nonstop to get to this point, and it has been a struggle, a party, and a dream come true, all at the same time - and we'd never have it any other way. As Papa Doobie always says, "STRAIGHT TO THE TOP!!!!"